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Under the Grande Prairie Regional Emergency Partnership (GPREP) emergency plan, Evergreen Park is designated as an official evacuation site for the region.

If a disaster forced a mass evacuation, the ENTREC Centre and other park buildings would need to house and feed between 3,000 and 3,500 people.

Dan Gorman, general manager of Evergreen Park, said that with one of the largest kitchens north of Edmonton and spacious facilities, meeting those requirements shouldn’t be a problem.

But if it ever lost power, Evergreen Park would be less hospitable.

Last Tuesday, Gorman told the city’s community safety committee that the park needs back-up generators to provide warmth and food— he said even the washroom facilities rely on power.

Gorman is trying to fundraise a total of $489,216 to purchase three heavy-duty generators. For the full amount, he’s looking to the province, as well as the MD of Greenview and the County of Grande Prairie, other GPREP partners.

He asked the city to explore the viability of providing as much as $125,000 in funding.

“Obviously we would like to get on this as soon as we can but we understand we are coming in a difficult budget time,” Gorman said.

Mayor Bill Given said it’s “something the city would support,” but added the timing isn’t ideal, considering the city finalized its 2015-2018 capital budget in the fall.

He and the committee referred the request for financial assistance to administration to look into potential funding options.

Gorman will make similar requests with the county on March 23 and with the MD in early April.

“Whatever (funding) we are short, we will try to come up with on our own,” he said, noting that as a not-for-profit entity, he’s really hoping for the municipal and provincial funding.

SPORTS EXPO (April 10-12)

sports expo

The annual Grande Prairie Sports Expo goes Thursday, April 10 to Saturday, April 12 in the ENTREC Centre at Evergreen Park.

For information call 780-538-4361 or email k_poole@telus.net or visit their website here.